Chicago Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Jonathan Yahav

Dr. Jonathan Yahav holds degrees in Engineering and Dentistry from Northwestern University. Today he is providing general dental care and the finest cosmetic and implant dentistry. Over 20 years of experience in placement of thousands of veneers and implants, Dr. Jonathan Yahav can recognize the importance of each patient’s unique structure and facial balance which provides our patients with a natural beautiful new smile.

“Our office is dedicated to the health and comfort of our clients. Our goal is to give you the smile you’ve always wanted in a comfortable, pain-free environment.”


“Our goal is to give you the smile you've always wanted!”

Call (312) 440-0505 now for a FREE consultation at one of our three convenient locations. Mention this website and receive a $60 CREDIT toward cosmetic services. We also offer 0% financing.

Our hygienists and assistants work to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Our office manager is available to set appointments that meet your schedule, explain insurance matters and assist with financial arrangements. What are you waiting for? That Winning Smile you’ve always wanted is just a phone call away: (312) 440-0505.

With experince of over 20 years in thousands of Implants and Veneers Dr. Yahav can provide you with Ideal and Harmonic smile which is suited to your personal needs.

Areas of Expertise

Chicago dentists Jonathan Yahav and Associates are dental professionals with experience in the following:

Your Appointment

First Appointment

Upon entering the office, you will be greeted by our friendly and professional staff and be asked to give us your medical and dental history. If you have dental insurance please be sure to bring the card. Once the forms are completed you will see the doctor for a thoroughexamination including dental impressions. Those who are interested in cosmetic dental procedures are encouraged to bring a list of questions and concerns regarding their particular situation. At the end of the consultation appointment the patients will know what cosmetic procedure – if any, is best suited in their case and they will receive an appointment date for a comprehensive examination.

Second Appointment

Is dedicated to gathering clinical information. All of our cosmetic cases require a comprehensive examination, x-rays, models and photographs.

Following Appointments

At regular intervals of time that is suited for the patients individual dental the Doctor will meet up with the patient to ensure that any dental appliances will be evaluated for proper fit and efficacy (the ‘titration’ period) until it is determined that the appliance is functioning optimally.

Maintenance appointments every 6 months (+/-); the ‘recall’ or ‘check-up’.


We provide dental services for children, adults and seniors. Patients have individual needs, emotional, physical and financial. We make every effort to satisfy all patients’ unique requirements. Some procedures which are time-consuming and require high-cost materials have the fees adjusted accordingly. We take pride in our work and take the time to do it properly. We are loyal to our clients and we hope to serve them for many years to come.