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L. S., Chicago, IL

I found Dr. Yahov on a Sunday, when my husband cracked a tooth the same night was to fly to Europe. We called so many dentists and Dr. Yahov was the only one who phoned us back and took care of my husband.
Since then we have used him as our primary dentist. He is professional and works fast (which I like).
His staff is friendly and attentive.

Jeannie M., Chicago, IL

After months of reviewing different dentist I found Jonathan Y. Yahav & Associates. He has four different locations to choose from in Chicago, IL. I choose to go to his office in the Water tower Downtown. My first impression was very clean and wonderful staff that makes you feel at home. Dr. Yahav is a delightful professional who is very contentious and thorough. Not only does he take great care in examining your teeth, but he also examines your mouth for overall oral health. I had so much work done in my mouth from root canals to invisalign. I love my new smile and I'm so happy that I got the work done.

Stephen E., Evanston, IL

Dr. Yahav is a great dentist and a generous person. My former dentist refused to fit me in to place a cap on my fragile tooth following a root canal, and my insurance company was not covering me to see a different doctor until the following month. Dr. Yahav agreed to perform the procedure to protect my weakened tooth, and accepted what I would have paid in co-pay, without any additional payment from the insurance company. His office is clean, his associates are professional, and he makes time to see his patients. Overall a pleasurable dentist experience.

F. D.

I first went to Dr. Yahav because his dental office is near my home, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect because I didn't have a referral. His office is really nice and his staff are very professional, competent, and friendly. Dr. Yahav is one of the best medical professionals I have ever been to. He is knowledgeable, efficient, courteous, and friendly. Most importantly, he has done extensive work on my teeth (multiple crowns and inlays) and it has always gone very well, with minimal pain or none at all. I have referred family and friends to Dr. Yahav. He is a terrific dentist.

Matt B., Evanston, IL

I've been going to Dr. Yahav for 4 years now, and had cleanings, bondings and even Invisalign done. I really have been quite pleased with the service. In addition to more modern techniques (e.g. ultrasonic cleaning instead of just normal "scrapping"), the dental hygienists and administrative staff is always has been really friendly and helpful.

The only drawback I can think of is that the offices can be slightly busy so you need to speak up if you have any questions or you may miss your chance. The flip side of this however, is that the wait times are much shorter than most other doctors/dentists I've been too.
Lastly, it is important to note that Dr. Yahav, in addition to caring about dental health, also understands how much people care about the aesthetics/looks of their teeth, and always strives to make sure you look your best. This is an important trait, and one that other dentists don't always have. All in all, a great experience!

Chicago Smile Center

For few of us, our health is of the top priority. We all may have a great body, yet a shining set of pearly whites are always the ones that set the heart racing. Comprehending that, Chicago implant dentist, Dr. Jonathan Yahav, has already beautified many smiles with dentistry. What might have been a scar of an accident can be altered to a great extent by the expert Chicago cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yahav and the other doctors who work with this celebrated Chicago dentist at Chicago Smile Center.

People in and around Chicago and Northwest suburbs now have a new destination to get their smiles back on their faces. If you wish to get your dental problems pertaining to whitening, or even cosmetically restoring the full set of teeth, then you need not step further. At Chicago Smile Center, the helpful crew takes great care in ensuring that you receive perfect oral care in the most convenient methods possible. To perform the treatment, the clinic has the latest of the equipments and this is the reason, people choose us over the rest.

Where other clinics may boast of having the best of the doctors, we simply assert that Dr. Jonathan Yahav, who is a distinguished Chicago invisalign dentist, has also his style at restructuring the alignment of your teeth to ensure that you radiate with a glow wherever you go with your smile taking you places!